Good Teas + Good Hookah = JLOUNGE

We currently offer two popular tea options from the Cafe to be enjoyed with a hookah. We serve spicy Cardamom tea and Green Malay Kratom tea.

Spicy Cardamom Tea

Our Spicy Cardamom tea is a fan favorite. It is a potent Caffeinated beverage with a naturally sweet and spicy aroma.  This tea originally stems from India, but is also very popular throughout the Middle East as well as Africa.  Even the most snobbish coffee connoisseurs have been known to cheat on their coffee addiction with a cup of our spicy tea ;D

Malaysian Kratom Tea

If Caffiene isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, Our Green Malay tea may be a suitable alternative to compliment your hookah smoking experience.  Our Green Malay brew is the most potent Malaysian Kratom Tea served in Kansas City.  We start with a quality green malay powdered leaf, marinade it to enhance the release of alkyloids, and brew it into a fresh herbal tea.